Sustainable Cleveland 2019: Celebrating Energy Efficiency in 2011!

In 2009, Mayor Frank Jackson launched Sustainable Cleveland 2019, a ten-year initiative aimed at making Cleveland a more sustainable city was established. SC2019 engages people from all walks of life, working together to design and develop a thriving and resilient regional economy that leverages its wealth to build economic, social and environmental well being for all. 2011 is the year of energy efficiency with the goal of creating a common vision that is regional, using communication to educate and engage individuals, firms and institutions about what is at stake around the energy efficiency challenge. These efforts focus on green building, green energy job creation and sustainable design and manufacturing.

Last week as part of the yearlong celebration, the Levin College hosted “Sustainable Cleveland 2019: Celebrating Energy Efficiency in 2011” Forum focused on the importance of energy conservation and energy efficiency as a driver for economic transformation.

The Forum kicked off with a welcome from Cleveland State University President, Ronald Berkman who praised Mayor Frank Jackson for his leadership on the Sustainable Cleveland 2019 initiative. President Berkman discussed Cleveland’s potential for economic growth, declaring sustainability and innovation as economic drivers for growth in cities. He also stated that Cleveland should focus on expanding our manufacturing base, as this is an industry that already exists in Cleveland.

Next up was a warm welcome from Mayor Frank Jackson who discussed plans for Cleveland’s future as a sustainable city, stating that he is positioning Cleveland for the way the world is going to be, not how it is today.

Moderated by Andrew Watterson, Chief of Sustainability for Cleveland, speakers took the stage one-by-one to discuss their organizations’ initiatives, available resources and programs, and provide a call to action to Cleveland residents. Speakers included Michele Kilroy, Northeast Ohio U.S. Green Building Coalition; Nathan Engstrom, Campus Sustainability Coordinator, Cleveland State University; Paul Ettorre, Key Bank: The Greater Cleveland Energy Alliance; Jennifer Kuzma, Executive Director of the First Suburbs Consortium Development Council – City of Cleveland Heights; and Anand Natarajan, Energy Manager, City of Cleveland – Mayor’s Office of Sustainability.

The “Sustainable Cleveland 2019: Celebrating Energy Efficiency in 2011” Forum concluded with a Q&A session where attendees voiced their enthusiasm and concerns as well as asked questions about the future of jobs related to energy efficiency in Cleveland.

All forums are archived on our website and can be accessed by clicking here.

Join us on June 14, 2011 from 4:00-6:00pm for “What Should be Done with Underperforming Schools?,” a special Levin College Forum developed and presented by area high school juniors participating in the Leadership and Public Policy Institute at Baldwin Wallace College.

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CSU is growing green – Leafy greens that is!

WindowFarm located in the Levin College of Urban Affairs

What if CSU decided to grow its own food?  At first glance this seems an improbable idea – growing enough food on an urban university campus in the center of a large city.  But can it be done?  This demonstration project explores the use of the “WindowFarm” method to grow herbs and greens hydroponically, inexpensively, without herbicides or pesticides in an attractive, vertical growing structure.  CSU’s WindowFarms are currently located in the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs (1717 Euclid Ave.) and the Michael Schwartz Library (Rhodes Tower, 2121 Euclid Ave.).  Please come by and see the progress of the WindowFarms!

Stay tuned for updates!

Questions? Contact Barbara Strauss, Assistant Director for Technical Services, MSL and market gardener with EcoVillage Produce at (216)687-2362 or

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Reimagining Cleveland: A Photo Gallery

The Levin College Forum hosted “Reimagining Cleveland Forum and Photo-Documentation Exhibition Opening” on Thursday, February 17, 2011. Presented by the Levin College Forum, Neighborhood Progress Inc., and Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative. 


Reimagining Cleveland ForumReimagining Cleveland - Lilah ZautnerReimagining Cleveland - Marie KittredgeReimagining Cleveland - Brooklyn Centre Community OrchardReimagining Cleveland - Mansfield FrazierReimagining Cleveland - Terry Schwartz
Reimagining Cleveland - Photo ExhibitionReimagining Cleveland - Justin HusherReimagining Cleveland - AudienceReimagining Cleveland - ExhibitorsA Farm in Cleveland?CSU WindowFarm
Reimagining Cleveland - Vacant Land Reuse
Reimagining Cleveland, a set on Flickr.All forums are archived on our website and can be accessed by clicking here

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Regional Prosperity for Northeast Ohio, Growing Together

If you missed Thursday night’s “Regional Prosperity for Northeast Ohio, Growing Together” Forum, you missed an evening of energized conversation about a challenge facing all Northeast Ohio communities across 12 counties, from Hudson to East Cleveland. For the past two years, the Regional Prosperity Initiative (RPI), an effort to promote region-wide land use planning accompanied with new growth tax base sharing, has been working to advance the idea that the communities of Northeast Ohio need to come together on these issues. The forum focused on how NEO citizens view collaboration and whether we are ready to take the next steps necessary to grow together.

Regional Prosperity for Northeast Ohio, Growing Together Forum on January 27, 2011

The evening kicked off with an introduction and warm welcome from Levin College Dean Ned Hill, which was followed by clips from the documentary film, The New Metropolis and featured a special introduction from filmmaker Andrea Torrice. The film, which explores the challenges and opportunities facing America’s older cities and suburbs, also aired this weekend on WVIZ TV Cleveland.

Image from Andrea Torrice's "The New Metropolis"

Dan Moulthrop from The Civic Commons then moderated a panel on regional collaboration in Northeast Ohio. The question put to each of the panelists was:  What does collaboration look like from your perspective?  The panel represented state policy makers and regional, county and local officials.  Panelists included Mayor Michael Lyons, Richfield, Ohio and Regional Prosperity Initiative; Lavea Brachman, Executive Director, Greater Ohio Policy Center and Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program; Mayor Gary Norton, East Cleveland; Steve Hambley, Medina County Commissioner; and Jason Segedy, Director, Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study.

Left to right: Dan Moulthroup, Michael Lyons, Lavea Brachman, Jason Segedy, Steve Hambley, Gary Norton

While each panelist had a different point of view, all were in agreement that greater regional collaboration in the areas of tax sharing, infrastructure investment and land use planning would make Northeast Ohio more competitive economically and in attracting residents.

Forum attendees discuss the effects of collaboration on their communities and NEO as a region

Conversation continued during the audience round table discussion where area residents, elected officials and professionals discussed their views of the benefits and drawbacks of regional collaboration. These viewpoints were then shared with William Batchelder, Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives, who answered questions, provided his own input and concluded by saying, “the concept of collaboration is very important.”

Dan Moulthrop with Speaker William Batchelder

All forums are archived on our website and can be accessed by clicking here.

Join us  on Thursday, February 17 at 4:00pm for “Reimagining Cleveland and Photo-Documentation Exhibition Opening.”

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